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Q & A #1


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Hallo Community,

we want to be as transparent as possible and answer your questions about the game as much as we can. Send me your questions using our contact form (please note that we maybe cant answer every question). Now lets begin with the first set of questions.

What company are you / Who develops the game?
We have founded a project company for this project. We are independent and work without a publisher. This allows us to ensure that the feedback from the community as well as the quality and vision we have set as our goal can be realized.

How long will it take to finish the game?
The development time depends mainly on the interest and help of the community. We are supported by the contribution of assets (2D-/3D- and UI-design) but also by financial support in the form of donations with which we can pay and expand our team and purchase external services. The more resources we have at our disposal, the faster the game will be completed.

What do you get as a "donor"?
Every donation will be used for the development and operation of the game. To this end, donors are given access and insight into the development and, after certain gradations, access to the test server, the opportunity to purchase greatly reduced game packages (up to 90%), live question rounds, special exclusive goodies (e.g. badges) and much more. More detailed information can be found in our community forum.

Can I become a tester?
Basically yes. We start with a small hand-picked test team of experienced players. If you are interested in testing seriously, please apply. Everyone who contributes assets to the project will also get a tester account to test the game and its assets. All Tier 4 und 5 donors will also get access to the test server when it is available.

What assets exactly do you need / what can I contribute?
Participate in our application form and let me know where your interests and abilities lie. I would like to see your sample works, if available.

So far, and send me more questions
Yours Bloodjinn